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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Mirror Therapy Newsletter

In order to keep our website users up to date with developments and news about Mirror Therapy, we have implemented a Mirror Therapy newsletter. To subscribe visit the subscription page at (mail facility provided by Zedpost Email marketing), here you can subscribe to the generic Mirror Box Therapy [...]

Stroke and Mirror Therapy

Use of Mirror Therapy with Phantom Limb pain is becoming well documented across the Internet as is a growing knowledge base of Mirror Therapy or motor imagery for stroke survivors. We have collated some resources here. If you have any first hand anecdotal or confirmed use of Mirror Therapy, with stroke or any other condition, why not let us know? [...]

Phantom Limb and Mirror Therapy

This Mirror Box Therapy article is designed to provide a lay explanation of Phantom Limb Pain. Whilst this website advocates the use of Mirror Therapy for Phantom Limb pain we are not giving specific medical advice. For such advice you should consult your GP or your specialist. The term Phantom Limb has been bounding around for about 130 years [...]

Make a Mirror Box

Make a mirror box, There are a number of resources springing up over the Internet instructing people on how to build a Mirror Box. Whilst it may seem the easiest way to get access to Mirror Therapy, we have found that the easiest and convenient way to access Mirror Box Therapy is to use the Folding Mirror Box as provided ready made and fully [...]

Volunteer translators required

Help us get the word(s) out. We are looking for help from volunteers to translate the Mirrorbox website (or parts thereof) into French, Spanish and German. Other languages will be added in due course. Our aim is to further spread the capabilities of Mirror Therapy to wider audiences. Certainly to be able to help people who suffer from Stroke, [...]

Mirrorbox on Facebook

Mirrorbox on Facebook

Following the creation of the new Mirrorbox Therapy website, we are creating number of "social network" accounts to spread the word and offer support to other people who may well need to use the Folding Mirror Box. Support Mirrorbox Your support is needed by following us or becoming a fan. We have started with a Facebook page, so visit our [...]