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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Latest research on Mirror Therapy…

Latest research on Mirror Therapy provides further proof of the therapy working in stroke rehabilitation. Mirror therapy improves hand function in sub acute stroke: a randomized controlled trial published in the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy has shown. 40 patients with a severe stroke injury affecting one side of their body were randomly [...]

Mirror Therapy exercise video

We are always being asked to provide more instructions and exercises to do with your Mirrorbox. This detailed video gives you an idea of how to use your Mirrorbox to help with Stroke, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Phantom Limb Symptoms. Please feel free to join in the discussion and leave a comment on this video or how you have found [...]

Your Story wanted…

How have you found using your Mirrorbox? Is Mirror Therapy working for you? We have started to collate a number of testimonials based on different conditions and how you are using the Reflex Pain Management Folding Mirrorbox. These include Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Stroke. We have started to post these in the discussions area of Mirror [...]

20% off the Mirrorbox

Sponsors of Mirror Box Therapy website are offering 20% discount off orders of 3 folding Mirrorboxes with the coupon code 9245Da when purchasing through This is an additional amount of the retail price and represents a staggering £10.80 discount per box. We are believe that there may be a price increase on [...]