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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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CNN reports on Mirror Therapy

CNN has now reported twice on Mirror Therapy, it is worth 2 mins of your time to take a look. Mirror Therapy works on the both lower and upper limbs. A great for drug free treatment of phantom limb, stroke rehab, RDS, as well as for hand and foot rehabilitation following an injury or [...]

Bulk order offer ends soon.

Buy now, the 20% extra discount when ordering 3 or more folding mirror boxes ends at the end of this month. 31/10/2009 Bulk orders of 3 (club together and get a discount?) or more Reflex Pain Management Ltd folding Mirror Boxes are now available with a 20% discount at with the coupon code 9245Da.

Mirror Therapy used in hit TV show

Mirror Therapy used in hit TV show

Mirror Therapy was used in the hit TV show HOUSE, with dramatic results. This is not a camera or mirror trick it can really produce this kind of result. jej_house_290 . jpg 'House' : James Earl Jones, genocidal dictator - USA Which eventually leads to him drugging, restraining and forcing the man to undergo mirror [...]