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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Psychology Today and 20 two 5

Psychology Today and 20 two 5,  both have post where VS Ramachandran’s experiments with the mirror box come readily to mind as examples of this type of research. Fascinating read and worth 2 Min's of your time. Mirror therapy is not only used for phantom limb but also CRPS/RSD and for stroke rehabilitation. The Brain Can Change Itself: [...]

The Economic Times reports on mirror therapy.

Although the mirror box in this article is described as having two mirrors, this is only to make it left or right handed. A single compartment works just as effectively and the box is simply turned over. Marco Polo of neuroscience describes mirror box treatment for ... To retrain the brain as part of the mirror box it's a [...]

New trials for Mirror Therapy after Stroke.

Stroke Clinical Trial Use of Tendon Vibration and Mirror for the ... It has been shown that the use of mirror therapy after a stroke induces the activation of motor sensory and associative regions in the affected hemisphere ... For more info in Mirror Box Therapy visit this is also a great site for Phantom limb and [...]