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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Stroke rehabiliation using singing therapy

This is not mirror therapy but helps stroke rehabiliation in the same way. The brain is very plastic and has a great ability to rewire  another part of the brain to take over from the effected area of the brain. There are lots treatments to help archive this, including Mirror Box Therapy that has lots of evidence that it works. Singing [...]

Mirror neurons and motor rehabilitation.

Mirror neurons and motor rehabilitation » Mirror Neurons Research Mirror Therapy. The mirror mechanism probably also forms the ... In mirror- therapy protocols, the patients are required to perform movements with their ...

Mirror Therapy sussess with CRPS /RSD

What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Bone and Spine By Dr Arun Pal Singh Recent studies have indicated success with Mirror Therapy. In this the affected limb is placed with in a mirror box and the unaffected limb is reflected in such a way as to make the patient think they are looking at the affected limb. ... Bone and Spine - [...]

Stroke Rehabilitation

Great Video on what a stroke is and how it is treated. It discribes the differance between a hemorrhagic stroke and a ishemic stroke.  

Phantom Limb and the brain

The Neurotopian: Embodied Cognition By Matthias Weinberger using a Mirror Box a lot of people can achieve a significant reduction of pain within a few minutes. The Brain has a problem - it tries comparing different sources of input and output which don't fit together (it has an unsolvable ... The Neurotopian - [...]

limb rehabilitation after fractured wrist

Mirror therapy in a patient with a fractured wrist and no active ... We report a patient in whom mirror therapy, training moving both hands while watching the reflection of the present or good hand in a parasaggital mir...

The Independent report on mirror therapy.

News | The Independent UK - Mind Over Matter: Mirrors relieve pain ... By The Independent Professor Ramachandran has also tried mirror therapy on "neglect syndrome" patients who have suffered a stroke or some sort of brain damage to one half of the brain, which causes them to be oblivious to one side of their visual field. ... News | The [...]

KOLD News 13 live

'Mirror therapy' appears to reduce post-amputation pain - KOLD ... KOLD News 13 live, local and late breaking-'Mirror therapy' appears to reduce ... 27 (HealthDay News) -- A technique called mirror therapy can help reduce ...

How to use a Mirror Box by Dr Ilan Lieberman

How to use a Mirror Box by Dr Ilan Lieberman

See Dr Ilan Lieberbman's video presentation on Mirror Visualisation Therapy; it covers what it is, the history, the theory, the evidence and how it used.This 4 part video is aimed at those looking to start using mirror therapy as well as those who want a little more insight to the medical theory.

Successful use of Mirror Therapy

Mirror Therapy Prevents Phantom Limb Pains in Injured Soldiers A simple technique called mirror therapy seems effective in preventing phantom limb pain in patients undergoing amputation of an arm or leg, ... Dr. Steven R. Hanling and colleagues of Naval Medical Center, San Diego, describe the successful use of mirror therapy to prevent phantom [...]

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