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Thursday October 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Randomised controlled trial

Mirror therapy improves hand function in subacute stroke: a ... Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of mirror therapy in the upper limb rehabilitation of people with ... the mirror group received 30 minutes of mirror therapy ...

CRPS/RSD Treatment What are Your Options?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment - Disaboom Movement is also the goal of graded motor imagery, including mirror therapy. Psychotherapy. A secondary effect of complex regional pain syndrome involves ...  

Sam L – Wyndhamvale (physiotherapist)

"I have had a patient who was diagnosed 7 years ago with CRPS of the right upper limb post a rotational injury to the thoracic spine.  This patient has undergone 6 ketamine infusions with generally good effects, however the effect tended to wear off after around 3 months with a gradual return of symptoms.6 months ago when this gradual return [...]

Cliff T – UK

"After a Dubertrys Contraction operation there were complications in as much as the other fingers could not move.The surgeon told me that there was nothing that could be done. My daughter who is a consultant physio recommended the Mirror Box and with constant use the finger movememt has improved dramatically. I carry the mirror box in my suitcase [...]

Wendy D. – Cheshire UK

"Very well and with the aid of Physio my shoulder and wrist are now 95% o.k."   Wendy D. - Cheshire UK

Davina D – Fife Scotland

"Getting on great with the mirror box, great invention don't know how I would have managed without it, would highly recommend it .  Keep up the good work"   Davina D - Fife Scotland

Cincinnati news, Mirror Therapy can help stroke recovery.

Cincinnati news, Mirror Therapy can help stroke recovery.

WKRC Cincinnati Local 12 news report Mirror Therapy might help stroke rehabilitation. Mirror Box Therapy has also been proven to work for phantom limb, CRPS/RSD and rehab following an injury or surgery, for more info search mirror box therapy. Mirror Therapy Can Help Stroke Patients Cincinnati news story ... A new report shows a breakthrough [...]

Afroditi K. – Birmingham UK

"This is the second mirror box I'm purchasing as I found it excellent to use.  It's lightweight structure and folding ability makes it so easy to carry when travelling".    Afroditi K. - Birmingham UK

effectiveness of mirror therapy in upper extremity

Neurology Medical News about Stroke Systematic review of the effectiveness of mirror therapy in upper extremity function. ... Ezendam D et al – Most of the evidence for mirror therapy is from ... More info

Arien M – Netherlands

"fantastic! I have MSsnm, it helps my lefthand relax"   Arien M - Netherlands

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