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Thursday October 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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monica J – North West England

RSD diagnosed in my fathers right hand after operation.  He had physiotherapy 3 times a week, used a squeezy ball, massaged with essential oils in a blend and used Mirror box, which I purchased after surfing the net for more info following diagnosis.  His surgeon believes it is "all credit to my father" that he has enjoyed recovery that he has [...]

Dionne B – CA USA

"We are very excited to get this product for our daughter to help her with CRPS.  The Doctors at Stanford recommend this tool very highly".   Dionne B - CA USA

Mrs. A.C. Surrey

"I was quite amazed at how well my stroke affected hand worked when using the mirror box.I have decided to order one myself to continue my recuperation."   Mrs. A.C. Surrey

Improving hand functioning in chronic stroke

Improving hand functioning in chronic stroke

A new study for Mirror therapy for improving hand functioning in chronic stroke . Mirror therapy for improving hand functioning in chronic stroke ... Several studies have shown positive effects of mirror therapy on upper limb functioning in stroke patients. However, these studies were undersized and not ...

Doug L. – Portsmouth

Take a look at this video posted on YouTube by stroke survivor Doug.  Although Doug as not regained any movement he is showing the signs of the brain re-mapping and hopefully he will regain some movement soon.   Doug L. - Portsmouth

Rick W. – CA USA

"I have one patient that has the diagnosis of CRPS, and our goal is to return this patient back to work. She is in her second week of the program and things are going great. This is a good product, and if used in combination with relaxation strategies, can have dramatic results in improving AROM. Thank you".   Rick W. - CA USA

Mervin C – OR USA

"The mirror box made a significant contribution to the success of this pt's treatment plan. Now that the CRPS symptoms are resolved, we can focus on improving his ROM and strength".

National Pain Foundation

After using the mirror, 90% of the patients reported decreased pain. Mirror Therapy After four weeks, the results were clear: all of the patients in the first group who used mirror therapy reported significantly less phantom pain and some ...

Impressive figures, mirror therapy works.

NEJM -- Mirror Therapy for Chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ... Correspondence from The New England Journal of Medicine -- Mirror Therapy for Chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1 and Stroke -- Figure 1.

Anesthesia & Analgesia An interesting way to use mirror therapy

Preamputation Mirror Therapy May Prevent Development of Phantom ...

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