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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Stroke, how to care for loved ones

Great article on how to care for your loved ones after a stroke well worth  5 mins. Right at Home in Los Angeles: How to Care for Loved Ones After a ... By Right at Home Rehabilitation. Undergoing rehabilitation is very important before returning home. But some stroke survivor refuse any rehabilitation effort usually because of hopelessness. [...]

Stroke Facts and Myths – The Sun

Different strokes: Facts and myths of killer attacks This means you need to see your doc pronto, for tests and treatment. FACT: You need to get to hospital ASAP if you are having a stroke. Quite right. ... See all stories on this topic

Mirror Therapy what happens in the brain?  Although mirror therapy has been shown to be effective for treatment of phantom limb pain, complex regional pain syndrome and other pain conditions, little is known....

rewire the brain

The magical mirror: How a simple mirror is rewire the brain and ease pain.  Phantom limb pain (PLP) is a common sequela to amputation. The majority of amputees report pain, often very severe, which seems to emanate from the missing limb. A growing body of evidence suggests that PLP is associated with maladaptive neuroplastic changes in the [...]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Stroke Rehabilitation

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke patients may have a new tool in their rehabilitation shed: a mirror.;jsessionid=65B9918EEF1BDA45406099E3D8D42013?query=Oncology+Rehabilitation

Mirror Therapy Works

TED | Search Phantom limb pain at Walter Reed: Mirror therapy works | TED Blog ...ffers new details on how mirror therapy addresses phantom limb pain -- a topic covered ...

Mirror Therapy evidence – phantom limb

The Daily Post: Reflecting Phantom Limbs By Bryan Lewis Over time, the pain went away and the man could move on with his life. Pretty amazing, no? If you want to read more about it, just Google "phantom limb mirror therapy" and it will pull up some scholarly papers written on the subject. ... The Daily Post - [...]

Stroke treatment

Learn more about treatment of stroke | Eureka! Science News a mechanism in the brain involving this factor, which potentially will be a revolution in the treatment of stroke. Together with our clinical colleagues at ...

Mirror Therapy Improves Hand Function in Subacute Stroke

Mirror Therapy Improves Hand Function in Subacute Stroke: A ... To evaluate the effects of mirror therapy on upper-extremity motor recovery, spasticity, and hand-related functioning of inpatients with subacute stroke. ...