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Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Stroke rehabilitation has no time limits.

Conventional thinking has been that any stroke rehabilitation beyond that initial period has little benefit for stroke survivors, but recent studies are starting to suggest otherwise.Arm movement regained years after stroke - Yahoo! Canada News Rehabilitation normally starts immediately after a stroke and lasts six months. Conventional thinking [...]


CRPS / RSDReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (Complex regional pain syndrome ... By Staff Recent research has utilized mirror therapy to significantly reduce pain levels in CRPS patients, where the affected limb is placed within a mirror box, such that the unaffected limb is reflected in such a way as to make the patient ... Health & Beauty [...]

Not Just Smoke and Mirrors, therapy that works

Not Just Smoke and Mirrors on ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab ... One example of such a recovery option is mirror therapy. Much research remains to be done to fully prove efficacy of mirror therapy. ...

Testimonials from promolaris

The Brain in CRPS-More Barriers or New Opportunities Mirror therapy wasn't all I did but it was the single thing that made a big difference and gave me some control over the management of symptoms. I'm in remission now. All crps symptoms and dysautonomia have gone. Dr Moseley's description of One thing I have learnt about these approaches is that [...]

Stroke rehabilitation – The brain can change

In this article by Integrative Physical Therapy you can read how the thinking on how the brain work as changed in recent years. and how regular physical, mental and visual exercise can help rehabilitation after a stroke. A mirror therapy is just one tool to help stroke rehab. Integrative Physical Therapy Services : The “plastic” brain: How [...]

stroke rehabilitation, repetition is important

stroke rehabilitation, repetition is important

When taking Stroke rehabilitation exercises the use of a mirror as been proven to be a great asset.  The term plasticity describes the ability of the brain to rewire itself and there is no better way to help this than the use of a mirror. Mirror Therapy has been described in medical literature to be of benefit to 80% of users, but like all [...]

mirror box therapy Wiki

mirror box therapy Wiki All about mirror box therapy. Information mirror box therapy. Wiki mirror box therapy.

CRPS pain due to stroke is reduce by Mirror Box Therapy

This is a great site that not only explains CRPS, it is a good resource to:- Definition | Causes | Risk Factors | Symptoms | Diagnosis | Treatment | Prevention Mount Sinai Medical Center - Diseases & Conditions Mirror therapy may help to reduce pain and improve motor function in people who have CRPS due to stroke. Transcutaneous nerve [...]

Stroke Rehabilitation without movement.

Stroke survivor can benefit of mirror box therapy even in the absent of voluntary movement. Research as shown at the mirror neuron system respond not only during action execution, but also during observation of actions being performed. So by watching the reflection of the unaffected limb  in a mirror the mirror neurons for the affected side can [...]

New Mirror Therapy study – Navy Research Center

2010 Navy Medicine Research Symposium Mirror therapy was recently shown effective in the treatment of phantom limb pain, however, the incidence of phantom limb pain in patients undergoing ...