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Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Mirror Box Therapy worked for me

This looks like a great book written by a CRPS sufferer I am sure it will make excellent reading. "This may not work for everyone* but it worked for me as part of my routine and so long as you have one uninjured hand or foot to reflect, this therapy is not only known to be effective in helping to relieve pain brought on by CRPS, but also where [...]

RSD a New Beginning

A New Beginning: My Life with RSD: Functional Restoration Programs By TheMatrix777 ... visual imagery, expressing emotions, practicing appreciation, nutrition, having a flare-up protocol (duration, frequency, intensity), exercise, modalities distraction, coping beliefs, desensitization, yoga, mirror therapy and more., ... A New Beginning: My [...]

Stroke Recovery – The Road to Independence

 Stroke Recovery - The Road to Independence  by Cheow Yu Yuan on 2010-05-13  Stroke recovery period is a long process that in some instances can last a lifetime. The recovery period normally starts with rehabilitation, with the goal to reestablish patient's independence. This process starts with the patient educating themselves about the [...]

The Itch is back

For those of you how missed it last time or if you just want to read this fastenacting article again here it is:  - The Itch: Mind Over Matter? | Serendip's Exchange If this chronic, unexplained itching sensation is similar to the mechanisms that cause phantom limb pain, then it is possible that mirror therapy could [...]

Stroke 8-year hope

An amazing account of a stroke and an 8-year recovery journey Online Journal It was obvious that I would need emergency treatment that would probably be very expensive, and what a sad commentary that even in this disjointed mentality ...Jill Bolte Taylor PhDJill also has this excellent video on TED explaining how it feels when having a stroke . [...]

CRPS / RSD Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) refers to a chronic condition affecting the nerves and blood vessels of one or more extremities. It is distinguished by extremely unpleasant burning sensations, swelling, sweating, color changes, and other distressing symptoms. Follow link below for a Great step by step tool to help identify the Causes, [...]

phantom pain the movie

Phantom Pain / Phantomschmerz : Vancouver Film Premiere - Eventbrite Based upon the true story of Vancouver's Stephen Sumner, a world-class cyclist whose promising career was cut short by a road accident that left him an amputee suffering intense phantom limb pain

Stroke Rehabilitation must be continued at home.

Continuing Stroke Rehab At Home Continuing stroke rehabilitation at home is a very important factor for the long -term recovery of patients. Studies show that once stroke patients are ...

Phantom limb “Pain is an Opinion”

How understanding discoveries in neurology can help treat and prevent chronic pain right now. He tells the story of an extraordinary cure of a man with phantom limb pain, tortured by agony in a clenched fist that was not there. With a clever arrangement of mirrors, The Haven Shen » Pain is an Opinion Since then, “mirror therapy” has [...]

mirror box therapy, do it at home

Recent research suggests that self-delivered mirror therapy is a low-cost and accessible method of home treatment. Pain Society of Oregon | Mirror Therapy for Phantom Pain Mirror therapy, long known to be effective for treating phantom pain, is classically described as being therapist-guided. However, recent research suggests [...]

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