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Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Traditional Mirror Therapy

Quick Find Use keywords to find the product you are looking for ... Traditional Mirror Therapy (TMT) in the Physical Therapy Management of Movement and Postural Control Problems (Martin J Watson, Phd., MCSP, School of Allied ...

‘Mirror Therapy’ Appears to Reduce Post-Amputation Pain

A technique called mirror therapy can help reduce phantom pain in soldiers who've had limbs amputated, a new study shows...

Stroke – A picture is worth a thousand words

Great slide show showing what a stroke is, the cause and treatment... Stroke Pictures Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Understanding Stroke ... Rehabilitation is the centerpiece of the stroke recovery process. .... WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise: "Stroke Rehabilitation – Overview." [...]

Dr. Russ speaking about stroke rehab

Dr. Russ speaking about stroke rehab

Dr. Russ speaking about stroke rehab at a neurology conference.He speaks of mirror box therapy and that the old way of thinking - that after 6 mouths were will be no more recovery, is just not ture...        

Systematic review of the effectiveness of mirror therapy

This review gives an overview of the current state of research regarding the effectiveness of mirror therapy in upper extremity function. This is a great review and worth every $  Results. Fifteen studies were identified and reviewed. Five different patient [...]

Mirror therapy improves hand function in subacute stroke

Mirror therapy improves hand function in subacute stroke: a ... Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of mirror therapy in the upper limb rehabilitation of people with ... the mirror group received 30 minutes of mirror therapy ...

Moving the phantom limb

Sometimes a phantom limb is retracted or curled into a position where it can not be inserted in to a mirror box, this video describes how to get the phantom into a position so mirror box therapy can be used. This is another great video from Andrew T. austin ,

Health News:phantom limb pains

A study has found that a simple technique known as mirror therapy can effectively prevent phantom limb pains in patients undergoing amputation of an arm or leg.

Mirror Box Therapy General Discussion

Great Discussion on mirror box therapy, but will probably leave you with more questions than answer, But isn't that what a discussion is all about. Will worth 5 min of your time. Manual Magic versus Mirror Box Therapy - SomaSimple ... By mszlazak Manual Magic versus Mirror Box Therapy General Discussion. SomaSimple Discussion Lists - [...]

stroke rehabilitation, A Pilot Study

Following the discovery of mirror neurons by di Pellegrino and the introduction of mirror therapy by Ramachandran, recent researches on mirror neurons have led researchers to believe that observation based interventions may be an important component of successful stroke rehabilitation...i-CREATe 2010 - OpenConf Conference Management System Mirror [...]

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