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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Video testimonial mirror therapy works

Video testimonial mirror therapy works

Mark constantino testifies mirror therapy works. Mark was reluctant to try mirror box therapy, but now testifies to its effects.  Mark story start about 3 1/2 min in, but watch the whole video it also demonstrates a new thinking of mirror therapy for double amputee with the help of the physiotherapist.

Tricking the Brain to Feel No Pain: It’s Done with Mirrors

Tricking the Brain to Feel No Pain: It’s Done with Mirrors

Tricking the Brain to Feel No Pain: It's Done with Mirrors - Video ... Amputees often suffer from phantom-limb pain -- feeling pain in a limb that is no longer there. An unusual therapy involving only a mirror is providing. Great video with new thinking on mirror box therapy. Mirror Box Therapy is usually used by Uni-lateral amputee, In this [...]

Rethinking stroke therapy

Until recently scientists thought that when a region of the brain was damaged, its function was lost forever. Stroke patients who couldn't use an injured arm were taught to dress and bathe with their good arm. But sophisticated imaging tests of the brain at work have since revealed that it can reorganize itself after injury so that when nerve [...]

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Here’s the NOVA episode about Dr. Ramachandran’s discovery of mirror therapy as a treatment for phantom limb pain. Incredibly fascinating episode,  mirror therapy starts around 3:30 min but watch it all. This video is for everybody its an easy to understand video on how the brain works. Nova - Secrets Of The Mind Amazing neurological [...]

Information for Patients and Families

Mirror therapy is a specific therapy designed to strengthen arms and hands weakened by a stroke. In mirror therapy, we use movements of the stronger hand and arm to "trick our brain" into thinking that the weaker arm is moving. Researchers have shown that this "tricking of the brain" actually works... Read the full article at [...]

Mirror therapy used for stroke victims

Mirror therapy used for stroke victims

NBC2 report on Mirror Box Therapy, watch this great video of 10 year stroke survivor regaining function in this lift arm and hand. "When we go away from the mirror, we're finding a ten to twenty percent increase in performance," says Dr. Jax.

stroke patients regain use of limbs

De Antoniis, 72, said after just five sessions he is getting some feeling back for the first time in years. Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs read more... Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs Live ... New mirror therapy is helping stroke patients return feeling and movement to paralyzed [...]

Ramachandran on ‘Unlearning’ Pain

Mirror Box Therapy... is now widely accepted — not just for phantom limb pain, but for chronic pain of other types — and works in 70% to 80% of appropriate cases. Mind Reading: Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran on 'Unlearning' Pain In the 1990s, Dr. Ramachandran devised mirror therapy to help amputees suffering from phantom limb pain [...]

Stroke Recovery – All You Need To Know

The people at the top of stroke rehabilitation are doing some really ground breaking things. Unfortunately it takes time for this top end information to assimilate down to the masses, so as a consequence many stroke survivors do not get exposed to the best stroke recovery techniques like constraint induced therapy or mirror therapy... Read [...]

Effect of Mirror Therapy on Recovery of Upper – KoreaMed – Basic …

METHOD: Fourty subacute hemiplegic stroke patients (onset <6 months) were enrolled and randomly assigned to either the mirror therapy (MT, n=19), ... Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of mirror therapy on recovery of upper limb function and strength in subacute hemiplegia after [...]

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