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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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benefits from mirror therapy

Phantom Pain | Healthmad As a result many hospitals are doing case studies in mirror therapy. ... The benefits from mirror therapy can last for months and can be repeated at any ...

children with hemiplegia a pilot study

Mirror therapy in children with hemiplegia: a pilot study. Mirror therapy, which provides the visual illusion of a functional paretic limb by using the mirror reflection of the non-paretic arm, is used in the ...

Stroke Discussion

Mirror box therapy for stroke rehabilitation we be discussed at the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire 2011 annual conference... information - Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire Therapists, Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network - This session will discuss the use of Mirror Therapy following a stroke. The material will include [...]

Increase movement using mirror box therapy

One of the best videos I have come across demonstrating mirror box therapy and how the increase in movement can be achieved. Origenal video at : - Mirror Therapy - This video shows you how to do mirror therapy for a broad range of chronic pain syndromes. For more information visit my blog: [...]