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Friday October 20th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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CRPS type 1 after a Stroke

This study shows a significant recovery of grip strength and hand movement of the paretic arm in chronic stroke patients after 2 weeks of intense mirror therapy program.

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing | The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Mirror therapy is, however, proving successful as part of a wider package of ... Mirror therapy is also being used to help patients with amputated limbs, ...

Increase movement using mirror box therapy

One of the best videos I have come across demonstrating mirror box therapy and how the increase in movement can be achieved. Origenal video at : - Mirror Therapy - This video shows you how to do mirror therapy for a broad range of chronic pain syndromes. For more information visit my blog: [...]


Personal Injury Lawyer | Harris Law Firm | Personal Injury Lawyer ... MIRROR THERAPY Recent research has utilized mirror therapy to significantly reduce pain levels in CRPS patients, where the affected limb is placed within a ...

RSD / CRPS a new beginning

A New Beginning: My Life with RSD: The year of Learning to Live By TheMatrix777 I learned mirror box therapy; self hypnosis. Anything that I could do by myself to lessen the pain and stress that the pain caused. Today, I am celebrating life...what hasn't been effected by RSD was my ability to talk. ... A New Beginning: My Life with RSD - [...]

Compelling evidence mirror therapy works

NEJM -- Mirror Therapy for Chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ... Correspondence from The New England Journal of Medicine -- Mirror Therapy for Chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1 and Stroke -- Figure 1.

Mirror Box Therapy worked for me

This looks like a great book written by a CRPS sufferer I am sure it will make excellent reading. "This may not work for everyone* but it worked for me as part of my routine and so long as you have one uninjured hand or foot to reflect, this therapy is not only known to be effective in helping to relieve pain brought on by CRPS, but also where [...]

RSD a New Beginning

A New Beginning: My Life with RSD: Functional Restoration Programs By TheMatrix777 ... visual imagery, expressing emotions, practicing appreciation, nutrition, having a flare-up protocol (duration, frequency, intensity), exercise, modalities distraction, coping beliefs, desensitization, yoga, mirror therapy and more., ... A New Beginning: My [...]

CRPS / RSD Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) refers to a chronic condition affecting the nerves and blood vessels of one or more extremities. It is distinguished by extremely unpleasant burning sensations, swelling, sweating, color changes, and other distressing symptoms. Follow link below for a Great step by step tool to help identify the Causes, [...]

Mirror therapy for foot – CRPS/RSD In this video I use mirror therapy to reduce pain and improve range of movement of my right foot. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD). I turned my ankle yesterday and was in extreme pain, unable to move my toes or move my [...]

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