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Thursday October 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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limb rehabilitation after fractured wrist

Mirror therapy in a patient with a fractured wrist and no active ... We report a patient in whom mirror therapy, training moving both hands while watching the reflection of the present or good hand in a parasaggital mir...

The Independent report on mirror therapy.

News | The Independent UK - Mind Over Matter: Mirrors relieve pain ... By The Independent Professor Ramachandran has also tried mirror therapy on "neglect syndrome" patients who have suffered a stroke or some sort of brain damage to one half of the brain, which causes them to be oblivious to one side of their visual field. ... News | The [...]

KOLD News 13 live

'Mirror therapy' appears to reduce post-amputation pain - KOLD ... KOLD News 13 live, local and late breaking-'Mirror therapy' appears to reduce ... 27 (HealthDay News) -- A technique called mirror therapy can help reduce ...

Cincinnati news, Mirror Therapy can help stroke recovery.

Cincinnati news, Mirror Therapy can help stroke recovery.

WKRC Cincinnati Local 12 news report Mirror Therapy might help stroke rehabilitation. Mirror Box Therapy has also been proven to work for phantom limb, CRPS/RSD and rehab following an injury or surgery, for more info search mirror box therapy. Mirror Therapy Can Help Stroke Patients Cincinnati news story ... A new report shows a breakthrough [...]

New trials for Mirror Therapy after Stroke.

Stroke Clinical Trial Use of Tendon Vibration and Mirror for the ... It has been shown that the use of mirror therapy after a stroke induces the activation of motor sensory and associative regions in the affected hemisphere ... For more info in Mirror Box Therapy visit this is also a great site for Phantom limb and [...]

CNN reports on Mirror Therapy

CNN has now reported twice on Mirror Therapy, it is worth 2 mins of your time to take a look. Mirror Therapy works on the both lower and upper limbs. A great for drug free treatment of phantom limb, stroke rehab, RDS, as well as for hand and foot rehabilitation following an injury or [...]

Mirror Therapy used in hit TV show

Mirror Therapy used in hit TV show

Mirror Therapy was used in the hit TV show HOUSE, with dramatic results. This is not a camera or mirror trick it can really produce this kind of result. jej_house_290 . jpg 'House' : James Earl Jones, genocidal dictator - USA Which eventually leads to him drugging, restraining and forcing the man to undergo mirror [...]

Latest research on Mirror Therapy…

Latest research on Mirror Therapy provides further proof of the therapy working in stroke rehabilitation. Mirror therapy improves hand function in sub acute stroke: a randomized controlled trial published in the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy has shown. 40 patients with a severe stroke injury affecting one side of their body were randomly [...]

Proof that Mirror Therapy works

Proof that Mirror Therapy works

In a correspondence dated 6/08/2009 to the New England Journal of Medicine, from Angelo Cacchio of La Sapienza University of Rome. In which it is reported that following controlled trials: Our results indicate that, unlike image therapy, mirror therapy effectively reduces pain and enhances motor function in the arm of patients with stroke and [...]

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