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Thursday October 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Mirror Therapy for Improving Motor Function After Stroke

total of 567 participants, which compared mirror therapy with other interventions. When compared with all other interventions, mirror therapy was found to have a significant effect on motor function

Mirror Box Therapy – Graded Motor Imagery – Radial Nerve Palsy

Mirror Box Therapy showing signs of success in the treatment of Radial Nerve Palsy as well as phantom limb and stroke rehabilitation. mirror box

Walter Reed Army Medical Center reported

Consider "Mirror Therapy" for Phantom Limb Pain in the ICU ... Investigators at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have reported that mirror therapyfor phantom limb pain was strikingly effective in a randomized, ...

CRPS type 1 after a Stroke

This study shows a significant recovery of grip strength and hand movement of the paretic arm in chronic stroke patients after 2 weeks of intense mirror therapy program.

Alternative Treatment for Stroke

Mirror Therapy | Mental Movement Therapy The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab also published a study in 2007, comparing the use of mirror therapy with traditional PT to a group that ...

children with hemiplegia a pilot study

Mirror therapy in children with hemiplegia: a pilot study. Mirror therapy, which provides the visual illusion of a functional paretic limb by using the mirror reflection of the non-paretic arm, is used in the ...

Increase movement using mirror box therapy

One of the best videos I have come across demonstrating mirror box therapy and how the increase in movement can be achieved. Origenal video at : - Mirror Therapy - This video shows you how to do mirror therapy for a broad range of chronic pain syndromes. For more information visit my blog: [...]

Video testimonial mirror therapy works

Video testimonial mirror therapy works

Mark constantino testifies mirror therapy works. Mark was reluctant to try mirror box therapy, but now testifies to its effects.  Mark story start about 3 1/2 min in, but watch the whole video it also demonstrates a new thinking of mirror therapy for double amputee with the help of the physiotherapist.

Tricking the Brain to Feel No Pain: It’s Done with Mirrors

Tricking the Brain to Feel No Pain: It’s Done with Mirrors

Tricking the Brain to Feel No Pain: It's Done with Mirrors - Video ... Amputees often suffer from phantom-limb pain -- feeling pain in a limb that is no longer there. An unusual therapy involving only a mirror is providing. Great video with new thinking on mirror box therapy. Mirror Box Therapy is usually used by Uni-lateral amputee, In this [...]

Information for Patients and Families

Mirror therapy is a specific therapy designed to strengthen arms and hands weakened by a stroke. In mirror therapy, we use movements of the stronger hand and arm to "trick our brain" into thinking that the weaker arm is moving. Researchers have shown that this "tricking of the brain" actually works... Read the full article at [...]

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