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Thursday October 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Walter Reed Army Medical Center reported

Consider "Mirror Therapy" for Phantom Limb Pain in the ICU ... Investigators at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have reported that mirror therapyfor phantom limb pain was strikingly effective in a randomized, ...

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Here’s the NOVA episode about Dr. Ramachandran’s discovery of mirror therapy as a treatment for phantom limb pain. Incredibly fascinating episode,  mirror therapy starts around 3:30 min but watch it all. This video is for everybody its an easy to understand video on how the brain works. Nova - Secrets Of The Mind Amazing neurological [...]


Great blog take a look Watch the video showing mirror box therapy. Some great ideas for exercises that can be done than using mirror box therapy for treating phantom limb pain, as will as stroke rehabilitation.

Mirror box therapy on hit TV show house

Mirror box therapy on hit TV show house

Mirror Therapy was used in the hit TV show HOUSE, with dramatic results. This is not a camera or mirror trick it can really produce this kind of result. For those who missed it watch it now but be quick it was remove for the net the last time due to copy right law.

auditory and visual feedback using a mirror box

In this artical we see how auditory feedback and visual feedback using mirror box therapy as helpful in the treatment of phantom pain.

mirror therapy is quite simple

mirror therapy is something you can do yourself at home. All you need is a mirror and dedication to practice the treatment daily. Follow the link below to a short description of mirror box therapy by by Beth D. Darnall, PhD. although this is about phantom limb mirror box therapy is also very successful in the treatment of  CRPS and stroke [...]

Treating ‘phantom limb pain’ with mirror therapy

Treating ‘phantom limb pain’ with mirror therapy

Whether the phantom is in the hand or the foot the principle of mirror box therapy is still the same. In this video soldier Bryan Wagner talk us through his phantom and how mirror box therapy help him cope with the pain.

David’s Pain relieve from phantom limb

Inspirational story, David introduced to mirror therapy for phantom limb pain by His Occupational Therapist, with dramatic effect. Take a minute to read his story. We wish him all the sucess. David's Story of Triumph: Saturday, October 9, 2010 @ 2005 By Gordon and Lynnette Lyon Today we were talking and he was telling me about the mirror [...]

Mirror Boxes distributed by End the Pain Project

Folding Mirror Boxes were donated to the End the Pain Project by sponsor , Reflex Pain Management ltd . They have been shipped to the National School for Prosthetists in Hanoi; an NGO in central Vietnam; the Veteran's Rehabilitation Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and [...]

‘Mirror Therapy’ Appears to Reduce Post-Amputation Pain

A technique called mirror therapy can help reduce phantom pain in soldiers who've had limbs amputated, a new study shows...

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