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Friday October 20th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Mirror Therapy Works

TED | Search Phantom limb pain at Walter Reed: Mirror therapy works | TED Blog ...ffers new details on how mirror therapy addresses phantom limb pain -- a topic covered ...

Mirror Therapy evidence – phantom limb

The Daily Post: Reflecting Phantom Limbs By Bryan Lewis Over time, the pain went away and the man could move on with his life. Pretty amazing, no? If you want to read more about it, just Google "phantom limb mirror therapy" and it will pull up some scholarly papers written on the subject. ... The Daily Post - [...]

Phantom Limb and the brain

The Neurotopian: Embodied Cognition By Matthias Weinberger using a Mirror Box a lot of people can achieve a significant reduction of pain within a few minutes. The Brain has a problem - it tries comparing different sources of input and output which don't fit together (it has an unsolvable ... The Neurotopian - [...]

KOLD News 13 live

'Mirror therapy' appears to reduce post-amputation pain - KOLD ... KOLD News 13 live, local and late breaking-'Mirror therapy' appears to reduce ... 27 (HealthDay News) -- A technique called mirror therapy can help reduce ...

Successful use of Mirror Therapy

Mirror Therapy Prevents Phantom Limb Pains in Injured Soldiers A simple technique called mirror therapy seems effective in preventing phantom limb pain in patients undergoing amputation of an arm or leg, ... Dr. Steven R. Hanling and colleagues of Naval Medical Center, San Diego, describe the successful use of mirror therapy to prevent phantom [...]

NIH Bethesda, MD are recruiting of mirror box study

National Institute of Mental Health of the National Institutes of ... participate in a brain imaging study during the course of mirror therapy. The goal of this study is to understand how the mirror therapy works: ...

New video presentation by Dr Ilan Lieberman

See Dr Ilan Lieberbman's video presentation on Mirror Visualisation Therapy; it covers what it is, the history, the theory, the evidence and how it used.This 4 part video is aimed at those looking to start using mirror therapy as well as those how what a little more insight to the medical theory.

Cape Gazette reports a wider use of mirror therapy

Mirror Box Theray is being used more: - ssistant students hold open house Cape Gazette - Lewes,DE,USA One of the physical therapist assistant program's newest tools, a folding mirror box, also was demonstrated. “Patients use the mirror box by placing their ..

Psychology Today and 20 two 5

Psychology Today and 20 two 5,  both have post where VS Ramachandran’s experiments with the mirror box come readily to mind as examples of this type of research. Fascinating read and worth 2 Min's of your time. Mirror therapy is not only used for phantom limb but also CRPS/RSD and for stroke rehabilitation. The Brain Can Change Itself: [...]

The Economic Times reports on mirror therapy.

Although the mirror box in this article is described as having two mirrors, this is only to make it left or right handed. A single compartment works just as effectively and the box is simply turned over. Marco Polo of neuroscience describes mirror box treatment for ... To retrain the brain as part of the mirror box it's a [...]

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