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Thursday October 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Mirror Therapy for Improving Motor Function After Stroke

total of 567 participants, which compared mirror therapy with other interventions. When compared with all other interventions, mirror therapy was found to have a significant effect on motor function

Stroke Rehabilitation – StrokEngine

Mirror Therapy - Stroke Rehabilitation - StrokEngine The high quality study (Michielsen et al., 2010) randomized patients with chronic stroke to a mirror therapy group that performed bimanual exercises while ...

CRPS type 1 after a Stroke

This study shows a significant recovery of grip strength and hand movement of the paretic arm in chronic stroke patients after 2 weeks of intense mirror therapy program.

Alternative Treatment for Stroke

Mirror Therapy | Mental Movement Therapy The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab also published a study in 2007, comparing the use of mirror therapy with traditional PT to a group that ...

Rethinking stroke therapy

Until recently scientists thought that when a region of the brain was damaged, its function was lost forever. Stroke patients who couldn't use an injured arm were taught to dress and bathe with their good arm. But sophisticated imaging tests of the brain at work have since revealed that it can reorganize itself after injury so that when nerve [...]

Information for Patients and Families

Mirror therapy is a specific therapy designed to strengthen arms and hands weakened by a stroke. In mirror therapy, we use movements of the stronger hand and arm to "trick our brain" into thinking that the weaker arm is moving. Researchers have shown that this "tricking of the brain" actually works... Read the full article at [...]

Mirror therapy used for stroke victims

Mirror therapy used for stroke victims

NBC2 report on Mirror Box Therapy, watch this great video of 10 year stroke survivor regaining function in this lift arm and hand. "When we go away from the mirror, we're finding a ten to twenty percent increase in performance," says Dr. Jax.

stroke patients regain use of limbs

De Antoniis, 72, said after just five sessions he is getting some feeling back for the first time in years. Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs read more... Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs Live ... New mirror therapy is helping stroke patients return feeling and movement to paralyzed [...]

Stroke Recovery – All You Need To Know

The people at the top of stroke rehabilitation are doing some really ground breaking things. Unfortunately it takes time for this top end information to assimilate down to the masses, so as a consequence many stroke survivors do not get exposed to the best stroke recovery techniques like constraint induced therapy or mirror therapy... Read [...]

10 very important stroke question answered

10 very important question about stroke answered by authors Joyce Hays and Jules Mitchel. I know this is more of the same, but very little bit of new information you pick up helps tremendously. Stroke Recovery and Rehab: 10 Important Questions : Target Health ... By targethealth Although your stroke rehabilitation program will be tailored to [...]

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