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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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I was a little skeptical about mirror box therapy

Prior to beginning the FRP I was a little skeptical about mirror and mirror box therapy. I had also never tried it. During my physical therapy I did mirror therapy for 10 minutes 2/3 times a day.  I had researched this therapy prior to ever trying it, but it seemed almost too good to be true.  Since graduating from the Functional [...]

Video testimonial mirror therapy works

Video testimonial mirror therapy works

Mark constantino testifies mirror therapy works. Mark was reluctant to try mirror box therapy, but now testifies to its effects.  Mark story start about 3 1/2 min in, but watch the whole video it also demonstrates a new thinking of mirror therapy for double amputee with the help of the physiotherapist.

stroke patients regain use of limbs

De Antoniis, 72, said after just five sessions he is getting some feeling back for the first time in years. Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs read more... Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs Live ... New mirror therapy is helping stroke patients return feeling and movement to paralyzed [...]

Mirror Box Therapy worked for me

This looks like a great book written by a CRPS sufferer I am sure it will make excellent reading. "This may not work for everyone* but it worked for me as part of my routine and so long as you have one uninjured hand or foot to reflect, this therapy is not only known to be effective in helping to relieve pain brought on by CRPS, but also where [...]

Testimonials from promolaris

The Brain in CRPS-More Barriers or New Opportunities Mirror therapy wasn't all I did but it was the single thing that made a big difference and gave me some control over the management of symptoms. I'm in remission now. All crps symptoms and dysautonomia have gone. Dr Moseley's description of One thing I have learnt about these approaches is that [...]

Mirror Therapy evidence – phantom limb

The Daily Post: Reflecting Phantom Limbs By Bryan Lewis Over time, the pain went away and the man could move on with his life. Pretty amazing, no? If you want to read more about it, just Google "phantom limb mirror therapy" and it will pull up some scholarly papers written on the subject. ... The Daily Post - [...]

Sam L – Wyndhamvale (physiotherapist)

"I have had a patient who was diagnosed 7 years ago with CRPS of the right upper limb post a rotational injury to the thoracic spine.  This patient has undergone 6 ketamine infusions with generally good effects, however the effect tended to wear off after around 3 months with a gradual return of symptoms.6 months ago when this gradual return [...]

Cliff T – UK

"After a Dubertrys Contraction operation there were complications in as much as the other fingers could not move.The surgeon told me that there was nothing that could be done. My daughter who is a consultant physio recommended the Mirror Box and with constant use the finger movememt has improved dramatically. I carry the mirror box in my suitcase [...]

Wendy D. – Cheshire UK

"Very well and with the aid of Physio my shoulder and wrist are now 95% o.k."   Wendy D. - Cheshire UK

Davina D – Fife Scotland

"Getting on great with the mirror box, great invention don't know how I would have managed without it, would highly recommend it .  Keep up the good work"   Davina D - Fife Scotland

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