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Saturday October 21st 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Dr. Russ speaking about stroke rehab

Dr. Russ speaking about stroke rehab

Dr. Russ speaking about stroke rehab at a neurology conference.He speaks of mirror box therapy and that the old way of thinking - that after 6 mouths were will be no more recovery, is just not ture...        

Moving the phantom limb

Sometimes a phantom limb is retracted or curled into a position where it can not be inserted in to a mirror box, this video describes how to get the phantom into a position so mirror box therapy can be used. This is another great video from Andrew T. austin ,

Stroke 8-year hope

An amazing account of a stroke and an 8-year recovery journey Online Journal It was obvious that I would need emergency treatment that would probably be very expensive, and what a sad commentary that even in this disjointed mentality ...Jill Bolte Taylor PhDJill also has this excellent video on TED explaining how it feels when having a stroke . [...]

Mirror therapy for foot – CRPS/RSD In this video I use mirror therapy to reduce pain and improve range of movement of my right foot. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD). I turned my ankle yesterday and was in extreme pain, unable to move my toes or move my [...]

Mirror Therapy Works

TED | Search Phantom limb pain at Walter Reed: Mirror therapy works | TED Blog ...ffers new details on how mirror therapy addresses phantom limb pain -- a topic covered ...

Stroke Rehabilitation

Great Video on what a stroke is and how it is treated. It discribes the differance between a hemorrhagic stroke and a ishemic stroke.  

How to use a Mirror Box by Dr Ilan Lieberman

How to use a Mirror Box by Dr Ilan Lieberman

See Dr Ilan Lieberbman's video presentation on Mirror Visualisation Therapy; it covers what it is, the history, the theory, the evidence and how it used.This 4 part video is aimed at those looking to start using mirror therapy as well as those who want a little more insight to the medical theory.

Cincinnati news, Mirror Therapy can help stroke recovery.

Cincinnati news, Mirror Therapy can help stroke recovery.

WKRC Cincinnati Local 12 news report Mirror Therapy might help stroke rehabilitation. Mirror Box Therapy has also been proven to work for phantom limb, CRPS/RSD and rehab following an injury or surgery, for more info search mirror box therapy. Mirror Therapy Can Help Stroke Patients Cincinnati news story ... A new report shows a breakthrough [...]

Doug L. – Portsmouth

Take a look at this video posted on YouTube by stroke survivor Doug.  Although Doug as not regained any movement he is showing the signs of the brain re-mapping and hopefully he will regain some movement soon.   Doug L. - Portsmouth

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