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Friday October 20th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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CNN reports on Mirror Therapy

CNN has now reported twice on Mirror Therapy, it is worth 2 mins of your time to take a look. Mirror Therapy works on the both lower and upper limbs. A great for drug free treatment of phantom limb, stroke rehab, RDS, as well as for hand and foot rehabilitation following an injury or [...]

Mirror Therapy used in hit TV show

Mirror Therapy used in hit TV show

Mirror Therapy was used in the hit TV show HOUSE, with dramatic results. This is not a camera or mirror trick it can really produce this kind of result. jej_house_290 . jpg 'House' : James Earl Jones, genocidal dictator - USA Which eventually leads to him drugging, restraining and forcing the man to undergo mirror [...]

Mirror Therapy exercise video

We are always being asked to provide more instructions and exercises to do with your Mirrorbox. This detailed video gives you an idea of how to use your Mirrorbox to help with Stroke, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Phantom Limb Symptoms. Please feel free to join in the discussion and leave a comment on this video or how you have found [...]

BBC news article

BBC news article

Mirrors used to trick the brain. An incite into Mirror Therapy as covered by the BBC in May Patients in Bristol and Bath are using mirrors to fight Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS) - a condition that causes extreme pain in their limbs. The article follows Martin Forsyth who has been [...]

Video: How to use the Mirror Box

This video shows how to use the folding Mirror Box with an upper limb using a sponge or other device to as an aid. This is ideal for stroke rehabilitation, Phantom Limb pain or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Whilst viewing the video imagine using the device and the effect of seeing your own limb in the reflection. Mirror therapy is a powerful [...]

Make a Mirror Box

Make a mirror box, There are a number of resources springing up over the Internet instructing people on how to build a Mirror Box. Whilst it may seem the easiest way to get access to Mirror Therapy, we have found that the easiest and convenient way to access Mirror Box Therapy is to use the Folding Mirror Box as provided ready made and fully [...]

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