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Saturday August 19th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

Mrs. C.W. Manchester


“My father who is 66 suffered a sub arachnoid haemorrhage leaving him with a dense left arm weakness and inattention to the left side.

Following 3 sessions with a mirror box his inattention has noticeably improved and although he is functionally limited by dupytrens contracture his motor function has also improved. I have been encouraged with these early results and although he is limited by his lack of concentration we will continue to use the mirror box in short frequent bursts.”

- Mrs. C.W., Manchester


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  1. jeisea says:

    Mirror therapy does work wonders. Did you know that Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture also works for this? In my opinion only (I use both), it appears to have the same/similar mechanism but seems more intense/faster in result.
    Mirror therapy engages miror neurons (monkey see, monkey do). It retrains the brain utilising the cortical representation of the body in the brain. YNSA works on a micro system of the body represented in the head. Pictures of body representation are very similar.

  2. mike heit says:

    i had stroke 4 years ago. i made good improvements and isolated most of my deficits to a clumsy hand.
    i work the miror theopphy 1 hour a day. does it work?
    well, not sure as cause and effect would require unbias measurements. i do feel that mirror therophy moves one away from the learned unuse of the hand to a point where the resistance to use the hand decreases. yes i still tpye with one finger lol

    now if anyone knows how to decrease spasity….

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