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Friday October 20th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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stroke rehab

had a stroke try Mirror Box Therapy

Special offer ends soon

Reflex Pain Managements Special offer on their small folding mirror box ends soon. A mirror box is used for stroke rehabilitation as will as for CRPS,RSD and limb rehab after injury or surgery as well as phantom limb pain.

A little more about Mirror Box Therapy

A little more about Mirror Box Therapy | Daily Health Tips A mirror box is often a box with two mirrors inside the center (one facing each way), designed by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran to help you alleviate phantom ...

Inside The Mirror Box

Inside The Mirror Box

YouTube - Inside The Mirror Box A stroke survivor's paralyzed hand begins to respond to Mirror Box Therapy. On the other side of the box, the patient is squeezing an ...

Medium Folding Mirror Box Now in Stock

Medium Folding Mirror Box Now in Stock

Reflex Pain Management now has a medium sized mirror therapy box for sale on their website, this size is suitable for hand, elbow, foot and ankle rehabilitation. More versatile than the smaller unit making it ideal for the professional therapist. The unit is still very portable and fold in seconds. For more information CLICK [...]

Stroke Rehabilitation – StrokEngine

Mirror Therapy - Stroke Rehabilitation - StrokEngine The high quality study (Michielsen et al., 2010) randomized patients with chronic stroke to a mirror therapy group that performed bimanual exercises while ...

Walter Reed Army Medical Center reported

Consider "Mirror Therapy" for Phantom Limb Pain in the ICU ... Investigators at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have reported that mirror therapyfor phantom limb pain was strikingly effective in a randomized, ...

CRPS type 1 after a Stroke

This study shows a significant recovery of grip strength and hand movement of the paretic arm in chronic stroke patients after 2 weeks of intense mirror therapy program.

Alternative Treatment for Stroke

Mirror Therapy | Mental Movement Therapy The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab also published a study in 2007, comparing the use of mirror therapy with traditional PT to a group that ...

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing | The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Mirror therapy is, however, proving successful as part of a wider package of ... Mirror therapy is also being used to help patients with amputated limbs, ...

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