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Friday October 20th 2017
Effective Therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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Mirror therapy used for stroke victims

Mirror therapy used for stroke victims

NBC2 report on Mirror Box Therapy, watch this great video of 10 year stroke survivor regaining function in this lift arm and hand. "When we go away from the mirror, we're finding a ten to twenty percent increase in performance," says Dr. Jax.

stroke patients regain use of limbs

De Antoniis, 72, said after just five sessions he is getting some feeling back for the first time in years. Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs read more... Mirror therapy helps stroke patients regain use of limbs Live ... New mirror therapy is helping stroke patients return feeling and movement to paralyzed [...]

Ramachandran on ‘Unlearning’ Pain

Mirror Box Therapy... is now widely accepted — not just for phantom limb pain, but for chronic pain of other types — and works in 70% to 80% of appropriate cases. Mind Reading: Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran on 'Unlearning' Pain In the 1990s, Dr. Ramachandran devised mirror therapy to help amputees suffering from phantom limb pain [...]

Stroke Recovery – All You Need To Know

The people at the top of stroke rehabilitation are doing some really ground breaking things. Unfortunately it takes time for this top end information to assimilate down to the masses, so as a consequence many stroke survivors do not get exposed to the best stroke recovery techniques like constraint induced therapy or mirror therapy... Read [...]

Effect of Mirror Therapy on Recovery of Upper – KoreaMed – Basic …

METHOD: Fourty subacute hemiplegic stroke patients (onset <6 months) were enrolled and randomly assigned to either the mirror therapy (MT, n=19), ... Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of mirror therapy on recovery of upper limb function and strength in subacute hemiplegia after [...]

Phantom Pain & Perception – Lloyd Johnson

showing dramatic success...Researchers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center recently published the results of a randomized trial of mirror therapy for soldiers with phantom-limb pain, . .. Lloyd Johnson -

V.S. Ramachandran’s Tales Of The ‘Tell-Tale Brain’


Great blog take a look Watch the video showing mirror box therapy. Some great ideas for exercises that can be done than using mirror box therapy for treating phantom limb pain, as will as stroke rehabilitation.

Mirror box therapy on hit TV show house

Mirror box therapy on hit TV show house

Mirror Therapy was used in the hit TV show HOUSE, with dramatic results. This is not a camera or mirror trick it can really produce this kind of result. For those who missed it watch it now but be quick it was remove for the net the last time due to copy right law.

auditory and visual feedback using a mirror box

In this artical we see how auditory feedback and visual feedback using mirror box therapy as helpful in the treatment of phantom pain.

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